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Learn the way you can actually make an application for a POSB unsecured loan below.

Learn the way you can actually make an application for a POSB unsecured loan below.

After applying, exactly what can we be expecting?

In case you are an active Cashline accounts or account Cardholder, you’ll receive:

  1. a SMS confirmation that DBS/POSB consumer loan is approved. Make sure you check your chose account for the crediting for the permitted the amount you want.
  2. an approval letter for DBS/POSB consumer loan would be directed over to your very own posting address within 3 business days after getting the Text Message content.

For DBS/POSB visitors without Cashline or plastic card.

  1. a Text Message verification for an authorized Cashline accounts (if requested for a Cashline levels) and/or endorsement letter(s) regarding the applied Cashline or plastic.
  2. If sent applications for a Cashline accounts, you are likely to see a DBS Automatic Teller Machine cards (if you don’t have one) payday loans that accept prepaid accounts in Cashline software.

After posting and blessing of a DBS/POSB consumer loan your Cashline and/or plastic, you’ll see another SMS confirmation that the DBS/POSB unsecured loan is eligible. You should check your marked account for the crediting of this recognized the amount you want.

Precisely what is a Cashline profile and why could it be put to use in DBS/POSB Personal Loan?

Cashline is actually a standby loan profile that borrowing limit awarded is required for DBS/POSB Personal Loan.

What is it I do on your continuing to be borrowing limit inside the Cashline account?

You’ve got the flexibility to utilize the available credit limit (up to 95per cent) taking upwards another DBS/POSB Personal Loan also, you can make use of the available credit limit as a standby personal line of credit for short term intake.

There are no extra supporting documents needed for these has your staying borrowing limit.

What about the remainder of the credit limit my personal charge card? Continue reading